Audio-Technica ATH M50X

The ATH-M50’s have long been revered as some of the best studio headphones money can buy, considering their low price. The sound was perfect for studio monitoring, DJ-ing, listening to music on your portable device, and almost anything you can think of. While that’s not something too many can argue with, the only thing that could knock the M50’s off their throne was a newer model, the ATH M50x. People really wished the M50 featured shorter and detachable cables for portable use. Audio-Technica listened and delivered.

With the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, the ATH M50x retains the same sound signature people know and love from the M50s. The earpads and headband now feature a softer and more comfortable material than the M50s resulting in a more comfortable headphone. The headphone now comes with 3 cables, all featuring a 2.5mm locking mechanism. A 3m straight cable, a 1.2m coiled cable, and a 1.2m straight cable, optimized for portable use.

Audio-Technica never made any claims to change the sound quality, so with tight controlled bass as well as vivid mids and highs, the ATH M50x still provides the clarity that is suitable for studio monitors as well as enthusiasts. Having truly earned their place as one of the world’s TOP studio headphones, you wouldn’t be surprised if these headphones cost 300-400 dollars. But at only $169.99, they are a total steal considering how much value these give for your money.

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