Audio Technica ATH-M50x Review and Overview

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Review and Overview

A Classic, Redefined – Audio Technica Ath-M50x Review

The Audio-Technica M-Series for years now had been known in the audio industry as both a work horse and a leader in value and sound. Now the infamous workhorse has gone show pony with the revamped release of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Let’s dig into just what makes the ATH-m50x some of the most critically acclaimed headphones we have ever tried out!

Initially when I opened up the package I was impressed with how attractive they were in the face of the simplicity of their design. When it comes to their appearance Audio-Technica achieves a classic “studio” look while breathing some desperately need fresh air into the line with some nice chrome accents. For any bulk these headphones bring to the table, the more than make up for in comfort, with super thick and soft pleather earpads and headband.

Rich, Powerful Bass

While the ATH-M50x are certainly marketing as a studio headphone, and are indeed well suited for the job, the definitely have a slightly boosted low end, particularly in the sub-bass frequencies. When it comes to a truly balanced and clean sound, I’d suggest the ATH-m40x, but if a little extra junk in the bass trunk is ok with you, then you will LOVE the ATH-M50x.

Cables, Cables, and More Cables…

You know what sucks…broken headphone cables. What sucks even more is when you can’t replace the cable, and you’re faced with a costly repair or just plain throwing your fancy headphones out. The good news is the NEW Audio-Technica M-Series headphones come with locking detachable cables…3 of them in fact! 1 short one that’s great for everyday use, a longer straight cable for studio use, and a coiled cable that’s awesome for DJ’s. These added features not only add some serious value to these headphones, but they virtual tipple their life. Cables are the #1 thing to break on headphones, and provided you don’t blow a can out, you’ll be able to keep these headphones running for YEARS to come.

Superior Comfort

While the Audio Technica ATH-M50x may have  a little bulk to them, they are incredibly comfortable. After wearing the ATH-M50x on my ears for hours and hours, I never experience that awful ear fatigue you often will find with cheaper headphones. The 590° range of motion on the earcups is also great because it allows for the to rest comfortably around your neck, whether you want your cans pointing down or up.

Overall Sound

With nearly matched clarity and depth, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x accurately represent frequencies in your music across all genres. I found that the lows as mentioned prior are slightly boosted as compared to the ATH-m40x or even the M50. While it’s not enough of a boost that I’d say they are unbalanced headphones, I’d definitely say if you don’t like much bass, the other headphones in this same line, may be better suited for your needs, either a 40x or a 30x. The highs and mids sound great with these headphones, lots of depth and clarity when it comes to the higher frequencies which is great for mixing and studio production.

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